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ForcePlans provides a library of templates to guide you through the stages of your Salesforce journey, from pre-sales to go-live. 

Our Sales Cloud Launch - User Story Template is completely FREE

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Our Sales Cloud Launch User Story Template is FREE



User Story Templates

Our user story templates are designed specifically for Salesforce implementations, capturing vital information for feature development. These templates help in crafting clear, concise, and actionable user stories, making the development process within Salesforce more efficient and straightforward.


Salesforce Suggested Pathway Templates

Our project planning templates are tailor-made for Salesforce implementations. These templates offer a comprehensive roadmap, highlighting crucial aspects such as timeline, resources, and milestones, enabling effective project management and smoother Salesforce implementation.


Salesforce Project Planning Documents

Our discovery templates for Salesforce implementations help streamline your discovery process. They are designed to assist in exhaustive requirements gathering and insightful discussions, laying the groundwork for a successful Salesforce project.


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